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There is a very interesting game called Kabutarbazi that was popular in the Awadh region of India. It is a game like the Derby race. People who indulged in this game used to   keep pigeons and organize their races. Kabutarbazi was considered a hobby of the elite class. There were so many self proclaimed Ustaad, the specialists of this game who used to boast about the finer details of the art of capturing and training pigeons. On the other hand, there were so many rich youngsters, having nothing worthwhile to do, who were always busy collecting tips of Kabutarbazi. One such Shagird (aspirant) went to an Ustaad to learn the great art of capturing pigeon. After much cajoling and coaxing, the Ustaad agreed to impart such precious knowledge. He decided to give a practical lesson to his pupil and showered him with several instructions. He told his disciple to hold a metal vessel full of wax and stand quietly where the pigeons were sitting. Then he said,” go quietly to the nearest pigeon and put the wax on its head. Now, wait until the warmth of the sun melts the wax and it comes on its eyes. When the wax will cover the eyes of pigeon completely, the poor creature will become temporarily blind, and then you can catch it easily without doing any harm to it.” Shagird, bewildered with that entire hullabaloo and so many tedious instructions, asked,” Ustaadji, should I had not capture the pigeon while I had been putting wax on its head? It would have been easier.” Ustaadji answered nonchalantly, “Then who will call me an Ustaad?” Poor Shagird !!!
Ustaadji and his Shagird are not isolated examples. Lifestyle Gurus and so many self-help books flooding the bookstores, always remind me of the duo. So many people speaking so much about peace and contentment in highly technical jargon…sometimes it makes me dizzy. Scriptures declare repeatedly that the peace is our essential basic nature. Simplicity is an indispensable virtue required for peace. Do we need anything other than surrender in the lotus feet of almighty to know him and attain peace?

Om Shanti …Shanti …. Shanti..

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