Lord and his strange ways

Sudama and Krishna, both were disciples and students of Acharya Sandipani. They were very good friends, partners in every mischief. Time passed, both graduated from Sandipani’s Gurukul and parted their ways to pursue their respective lives. In the due course of time, Krishna became Dwarkadhish (The Lord of Dwarika), whilst financial health of Sudama was as weak as his physical health. Narrating numerous anecdotes of his student life was his favourite pastime. As Sudama was very fond of Krishna, it was natural that the hero of all his stories was Krishna. One day, Sudama’s wife, fed up of poverty, suggested that Sudama went to his dear friend and asked for some monetary help. Obviously, the self-righteous Sudama did not agree with her suggestion. However, her wife was persistent enough to convince him to go.
After several days’ long, tiring journey, Sudama reached Dwarika and at last, he found Krishna’s palace. Sudama told the guards that he was an old friend of Krishna. Reluctantly, they went inside and informed Krishna that a man called Sudama, in a very poor physical condition, was waiting to see him. The name Sudama cast a magical spell on Krishna. The next moment, Dwarikadhish was at the gate of his palace, embracing poor Sudama lovingly. He took him inside, call his queens and instructed them to wash Sudama’s feet and to feed him. He arranged Sudama’s stay at his own palace. Several days passed, Sudama was enjoying his stay at the royal palace. He was overwhelmed with his friend’s affection and generosity. However, one thing was bothering him. His dear friend was not at all bothered about his financial condition. He never mentioned that he was keen to help him in any way. Neither could Proud Sudama ask for any such thing. After a month or so, Sudama asked for leave and Krishna sent him off happily. None of them mentioned matters related to money.
Sudama was cursing his wife on his way back home for it was she who had made him go to Dwarika. He was very disappointed. When he reached his village, his fury doubled. Instead of his humble house, there was a huge palace. When he enquired about his house, a rich lady clad in an expensive sari and ornaments, resembling his wife came out. Poor Sudama, according to the custom, bowed his eyes and asked for his house and family. A great surprise was in store for him. That rich lady was his wife and the palace was his house. Dwarikadhish Krishna had sent his men to build the palace and a big farm was given to his family by Krishna while he was staying in Dwarika. His friend Krishna

gave him everything that he needed, but he did it in a discreet way to save him embarrassment.
God helps in strange ways. He knows our desires, needs, and fulfills them silently at the right time and in the correct manner. We don’t understand his planning and crib.

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