Son of Yashoda


In scriptures; Krishna is considered Purnavtar that means incarnation of God with all his 64 attributes. The name of Krishna epitomizes the eternal bliss and uninhibited love. There is no other personality in the history of humankind- neither real nor fictitious – with such versatility. He is the naughtiest prankster, sweetest child , musician par excellence, most affable son, most hospitable friend, lover et par, most chivalrous human being, warrior of unmatched valiance, kindest guru, thinker and philosopher of highest intellect, the ultimate charismatic persona ever known,- all rolled into one.

He is the boy who can dance and play the flute on the head of the venomous serpent Kalia and slay the demon king Kans with the same knack and effortless ease. He is the teenager who can perform the divine dance with Gopis and defeat the most powerful king of his time Jarasandh with equal brilliance. He goes to the court of Kaurav to dissuade them from the war and persuades Arjun to fight the battle with same conviction. At the same time he is the god who mesmerizes the entire Kaurav court with his gigantic and terrifying universal form (Vishwaroopdarshan) and assures his devotee Arjun to abandon all religions and surrender unto his feet to be free from all sins. He lived a life that was the story of adversity, struggle, and deprivation and at the same time of glory, love, and success. People started worshiping him as God in his lifetime. Krishna is an embodiment of both, selfless action (nishkam karma) and love.

The life of Krishna is full of miracles. His birth in prison is a miracle, his arrival in Mathura is a miracle, and his victory over Kans and his lieutenants is a miracle. The city of Dwarika was also created by him miraculously. The epic of Mahabharata is full of the stories of his miracles. But his biggest miracle is ‘Gita’. Gita, called as Srimadbhagvadgita also, is an ultimate treaty of karma yoga. On the battlefield of Kurukshetra, when the armies of the Kauravs and the Pandavas were all set to start the most unfortunate war of that time, the conviction of the chief Pandav warrior Arjun was shaken. At that point, the participation of Arjun was a deciding element in the battle. In such a situation Krishna taught him the essence of karma yoga; he imparted him the highest knowledge of spirituality. It was a miracle itself to deliver such knowledge of non attachment, supreme spirituality, and selfless action at the brink of a battle to be fought for the rightful possession of a kingdom.

May that naughty dark son of Yashoda reside in our hearts forever as eternal bliss!

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