Vishnu and Narad once again

Once Narad Muni went out for an evening walk with Lord Vishnu. Suddenly, he asked Vishnu,” Prabhu, can you please explain to me the secret of Maya?” The Lord hesitated, then he thought,” Is there anybody more deserving than Narad to understand Maya?” Then he made up his mind and told Narad to take bath before receiving the knowledge of Maya, as it is a highly sacred act. The weather was very hot and the river was far away. Soon, Narad started feeling unbearably hot and his throat became parched too. He located a village and ran to the nearest house. He knocked the door. The door opened. and there stood the most beautiful girl he could ever imagine….
Narad was totally flabbergasted. He felt what he had never felt before. He did what he had never done before. He proposed her instantaneously. There was another surprise waiting for him. She accepted his proposal without any hesitation or inquiry. Soon, the family of Narad Muni started to expand. They had several kids. He was blissfully engrossed in his conjugal life. Time flew; kids grew up, got married, and had their own children. There was no limit to his satisfaction and joy. Then there came a great flood. The immensity of the flood was unimaginable. Narad couldn’t save a thing or a soul he loved and longed for. Every one and everything was immersed in water before his eyes. Narad couldn’t bear the loss and agony and cried like a helpless child. He called the name of his Prabhu, Vishnu. At once there was nothing – no flood, no river, no village. It was the same place where he had left Prabhu before going for his bath. Prabhu was asking smilingly,”have you taken your bath?”
Now Narad understood very well, what Maya is!!!!!

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